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Resume Writing Guide  

Word Resume Template - Get Noticed in 7 Seconds

by Larry Washington

A Microsoft Word resume template could be one of your biggest investments in terms of your career.


Experts say you only have about 7 seconds to catch the eye of the interviewer. Yes, only seven seconds!

A Word resume template can be a good way of accomplishing this. The goal of your resume will always be to get interviews.

Let me rephrase that.

The goal of your resume will be to get the job, but before you can get the job you have to get the interview.That's why it's important that your resume must be capable of pulling the hiring manager in and say to them:

“I’m the one for the job.”

When you can create such an "eye-catching" resume as this, any interviewer will view you as a must-have candidate for the job.

A Word resume template will enable you to create such a visual appearance. You have your information - you just need to add it.

A Word resume template has also been known to get more interviews which will lead to more job offers for you.

LIke I said in many of my other articles - more job offers leads you to more opportunities. This allows you the option of accepting based on a lot of criteria that only you can weigh.

It can be anything from location, salary, number of cute/single women and or men in the department (just kidding!) - but hopefully you see my point here.

From where I stand, a Word resume template will help you:

• Grab the eye of the hiring manager
• Shorten the length of your job search
• Get more interviews

If you are not happy with the results of your current resume, you should seriously consider putting a word resume template to work for you. After all, it most certainly wouldn't hurt.

With today’s economy and the competitiveness of the job market, a superior resume that stands out from the crowd is absolutely critical!

For added flair, you may even want to personalize your resume by putting an image of the company logos of past employers. This gives a level of uniqueness to your resume that will surely grab the reviewer's attention.

Just remember, all careers begin with a resume. Using a word resume template can be a win/win for you and your future.
Good luck and I wish you all the best in your career!

About The Author

Larry Washington is the founder of His website is dedicated to providing individuals with tips on how to write a resume to get the job.

If you're looking for more information about resumes, feel free to visit the resume help section at for more tip.

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