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Join The Team at Westpac

Choosing to be one of the many pursuing Westpac careers means you will be choosing a company that focuses on teamwork, integrity, achievement, satisfying customers and valuing each other. Finance jobs can be a worthwhile career area to investigate. With Westpac, which aims to be the leading financial services company in Australia and New Zealand, a job means quality at work that you can be proud of at home.

Union membership is an option for those with Westpac careers, meaning those who are union members will have time allotted to deal with union-related matters. However, non-union individuals will not be overlooked due to their non-union status. A number of processes are also in place to report concerns and issues at the company. Diversity issues, a separate concern, are also dealt with quickly and objectively when found necessary. Also, individuals with finance jobs at Westpac need not be concerned they will be left in the cold if a location is closed. Restructuring for Westpac means every effort is put into place to find another position elsewhere for employees who are displaced.

The company has created The Westpac Academy, a virtual learning environment, to help those with Westpac careers continue to learn and improve while employed at the company. Study at other locations outside the company is also encouraged. There is also a team that will discuss other positions in the company with you if you decide it is time for a change.

Finance jobs such as those with Westpac can be stressful. Life can throw unexpected curves your way. In light of both of these considerations, the company not only offers flexible work scheduling, telecommuting and the option to take a career break, but it also offers parental leave and even purchased leave of up to an additional four weeks of leave time on top of the four weeks of annual leave offered. The option of a career break can mean between three and 12 months of unpaid leave time to help figure out the next step on the path your life is taking, all with your job waiting for your return.

Taking a job with Westpac can be the ideal decision for many individuals. If you think you are one of those individuals looking into Westpac careers, start creating a career profile at the company's job website now.

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