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Australian Public Service (APS) jobs are some of the most desirable and sought after positions in the country. However, many job seekers have difficulty finding information regarding APS job vacancies. Australian Job Search streamlines this information and makes finding and applying for government jobs easy and convenient. Whether the job seeker wishes to work for the Australian Parliamentary Service or another Australian government agency, the APSjobs page of the Australian Job Search website is the place to start. APSjobs is designed with those already employed in an Australian public service job, those looking for a career change, those graduating from university, and others in mind.

There is a number of ways that the APSjobs page assists job seekers in locating and obtaining highly coveted government jobs. The APS Employment Gazette, an electronic source that contains information regarding employment opportunities, is incorporated into the APSjobs page. The Gazette can be a very valuable feature for job seekers. APSjobs includes a section that helps job seekers understand the APS. Again, this can be an extremely effective tool for those wishing to find government work. Furthermore, APSjobs also helps job seekers apply for APS jobs. This is accomplished by helping the job seeker gain a better understanding of the APS, providing information as to the types of job vacancies available, how to locate current vacancies, and how to undertand selection criteria.

APSjobs has several sections that job seekers may find useful in their quest to find government jobs. These sections include topics such as: employment conditions, campaigns, branching out, and cracking the code. Employment conditions provides job seekers with general information regarding working for the Australian Public Service. The campaigns section is used in the promotion of recruitment campaigns. Branching out provides current APS employees with the opportunity for mobility within and across the APS. Cracking the code is a section dedicated to assisting job seekers with the APS application process.

Government jobs can seem elusive. Therefore, job seekers must be equipped with the knowledge and information necessary to find and apply for APS jobs. The Australian Job Search website provides job seekers with the instruction and guidance they need to begin or advance their APS careers. Job seekers may search for APS jobs by department/agency, APS classification, job category, or state/territory. Whether a job seeker is looking for ongoing or non-ongoing employment or full-time, part-time or casual, APSjobs can be of invaluable assistance.


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