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There are some individuals that browse online employment databases in hopes of simply finding a job. Perhaps they are not looking for a career but just a way to pay the bills. While this is a perfectly acceptable perspective regarding employment, other individuals want to have more than just a job. They want a career, and they desire to be challenged in their field of employment. For those individuals whose careers are motivated by their passions and ambitions, an exciting and rewarding career may be awaiting at Defence Jobs. This website is designed to assist individuals in their quest to obtain employment with organisations such as the Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Defence Jobs provides individuals with information such as lifestyle, training, pay and benefits, jobs, reserve, and technology for each organisation. The types of employment available with each organisation is classified in one of nine categories. These categories include: officers and management; aviation; engineering; trades; health care, science and chaplaincy; communication, IT and intelligence; logistics, hospitality and support; business, administration and education; and combat and security. Each organisation's webpage lists featured jobs, and some of these jobs are considered priority jobs. A full job list or description is available, including whether the job is full-time, reserve, or ADFA. Applications for jobs currently listed on the website may be submitted online.

Defence Jobs provides individuals with important information regarding the recruitment process as well as straightforward instructions on how to use the website. Additionally, individuals may choose to utilize the website's personalised job finder. Using the job finder, individuals may search for employment opportunities based on education, subjects studied, job categories, service organisation, and employment type. Other helpful information available on the website includes how to join, relevant documents and brochures, finding the closest recruitment center, and other useful links such as cadets and indigenous overview.

Because the job seeking process can be difficult and time consuming, it is important that online employment databases be user friendly. Defence Jobs makes it easy and convenient not only to obtain information about the Navy, Army, and Air Force, but it simplifies the application and recruitment processes as well. When a job is just not good enough, determined and intent individuals may wish to consider a service career with the Navy, Army, or Air Force. Individuals desiring further information regarding one or more of these service organisations can submit an inquiry via the website.

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