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ANZ careers are designed with you in mind

ANZ careers are designed for hardworking individuals who want to help the company reach its goal of becoming a super regional bank and providing quality service to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific.

Finance jobs with ANZ mean employees get respect and an annual review of pay scales to ensure that not only is the company still competitive in the financial sector but the employee is guaranteed to continue to receive pay in direct proportion to the hard work they put in. Both short-term and long-term incentives are also in place to give employees a goal to reach toward while completing their daily tasks to the best of their abilities.

An annual employment survey measures whether those individuals with ANZ careers remain satisfied with their work environment, whether they remain committed to the company, if employees would refer friends and family to available finance jobs with ANZ and whether employees remain proud of the work they do and the company they work for.

Once an individual has chosen one of the many ANZ careers available, many opportunities are available for learning and development. On-the-job training, an important factor in any career choice, is an obvious benefit. However, peer coaching, discussions with managers to help further develop in the career path chosen and even online and face-to-face formal learning opportunities arise regularly for ANZ employees.

Finally, ANZ aims to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities where the company is in operation. Therefore, diversity is viewed as an asset rather than something to be worked around or avoided. The Diversity Council at ANZ is chaired by the CEO and has created a three-year framework that aims to increase the cultural diversity, the number of women and the flexibility of company policies in order to better serve both company employees and the customers who may feel more comfortable in a setting that better reflects a welcome to diversity. Finance jobs with ANZ go beyond the numbers and the daily tasks to help the employees find an ideal fit between their work and home life. This attitude goes a long way toward guaranteeing satisfied customers as well. ANZ Careers can be found by doing a job search on the company’s own job website.

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